Litter pick – *POSTPONED* until 2021 due to Corona Virus and government rules on gatherings

Peasmarsh Primary School urge the Parish Council to take action on the litter in the village!

The parish council recently received some letters from children at Peasmarsh Primary school describing how on a litter pick around the village they collected a staggering 4kg of litter. The letters are attached to the right of this page.

These letters are both heartfelt and make for sober reading and are a wake-up call for all of us to care more about our environment.

The children have asked the parish council to help do something about it and for its part the council is prepared to fund the purchase of litter picking equipment and protective gloves, hi-vis jackets and rubbish sacks and arrange for the correct disposal of the collected litter.

However, the council cannot do this on its own and are asking residents to come forward and volunteer to take part in a litter pick day which will be arranged later provided enough people come forward. It would also welcome any ideas or suggestions regarding litter problems.

To volunteer email

For information on current litter picking advice please have a look at